{"en":"فاز بمناقصة مشروع برج تبريد مصفاة الخرطوم السودانية","zh-cn":"中标-苏丹喀土穆炼油厂冷却塔项目 "}

فازت بمناقصة مشروع برج تبريد مصفاة الخرطوم السودانية

خبر 2020-01-20 15:10:08

Through one year design and discussing, NEWIN was chosen as the sole supplier for the cooling tower project contractor, designer and manufacturer.

Khartoum Refinery Co., Ltd. Is the biggest national owned refinery plant in Sudan. Plant was built in 1990s. The whole plant have 3 cooling tower group each capacity 14000m3/h, 5100m3/h, 12000m3/h.

Scope of work: Revamp the whole cooling tower without change the concrete facility.